Lyle Goldstein

SpecialityDirector, Asia Engagement Program, Defense Priorities; Visiting Professor, Watson Institute for International & Public Affairs, Brown University
Lyle J. Goldstein is director of the Asia Engagement program at Defense Priorities. He is also a Visiting Professor at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs at Brown University. At Brown, he is investigating the costs of great power competition with both China and Russia in association with the Costs of War Project at Watson. He is also assisting in the further development of Watson’s China Initiative. Formerly, he served as research professor at U.S. Naval War College for 20 years. In that post, he was awarded the Superior Civilian Service Medal for founding and leading the China Maritime Studies Institute (CMSI). His main areas of expertise include both maritime security and nuclear security issues. Major focus areas have also recently included the Arctic, as well as the Korean Peninsula. He has a PhD from Princeton, an MA from Johns Hopkins SAIS, and a BA from Harvard University.

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