Lotus Ruan

Senior Researcher, Citizen Lab, Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy, University of Toronto

Jeffrey Reeves

Vice-President, Research & Strategy, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

Jeremy Paltiel

Senior Fellow, Institute for Peace & Diplomacy; Professor, Carleton University

Zachary Paikin

Research Fellow, Institute for Peace & Diplomacy; Researcher, Centre for European Policy Studies

Kai Ostwald

Director, Institute of Asian Research & Associate Professor, School of Public Policy & Global Affairs, University of British Columbia

Cdr. Jonathan Odom

Military Professor, George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies; Commander, Judge Advocate General’s Corps, U.S. Navy

Elina Noor

Director, Political-Security Affairs & Deputy Director, Washington, D.C. Office, Asia Society Policy Institute; John H. McArthur Research Fellow, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

Jeff Nankivell

President & Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

Michal Meidan

Director, Gas Research Programme & Director, China Energy Programme, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

Oriana Skylar Mastro

Center Fellow, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, Stanford University; Strategic Planner, U.S. Indo-Pacific Command; Senior Fellow, American Enterprise Institute

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